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Sedation Dentistry

What if we told you dental visits
can be comfortable and relaxing?

At McCulloch-Wilson Dental, we know those adjectives may sound absurd when used to describe dental appointments. That is, until our friends and neighbors in Katy recognize their comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities and we tell them about sedation dentistry. Maybe you already know about it and have found out for yourself that it makes visiting the dentist a cinch, but if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and you’d like a way to tune out the sounds and sights of a dental office and pretend you’re at a spa, we can help!

You Don’t Have to Avoid the Dentist in Katy, TX

We want to talk about why people feel anxious or afraid when it comes to visiting the dentist, but before we begin, we’d like you to know that if you’re one of the people suffering from fear or a phobia of the dentist, you’re not alone. It’s fairly common because healthcare is a personal matter, and your mouth can feel like an especially sensitive area to have inspected and touched. Did you know plenty of dentists feel anxiety when getting the dental care they need, too? Luckily, dental fears can be faced, and sedation is just one way to help them fade.

Dental fears can begin early. If you had an unpleasant visit as a child or needed invasive procedures, those negative feelings might stick with you for a long time. Fears of needles and shots are very common, and of course sharp tools, loud noises, and normal fluids like saliva and blood can make people uneasy—however, there are many methods both you and our team can employ to make your anxieties melt away. Another common anxiety when it comes to dental care is the financial burden, but we have ways to alleviate this as well, and it’s important to know that putting off the care you need can be more costly.

Potential Causes of Dental Anxiety & Factors that Make Dental Care Difficult

  • Negative past experiences
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Fear of dental tools
  • TMJ/TMD pain
  • Low pain tolerance
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Physical disability

Nitrous Oxide

For a fast-acting, painless way to relieve anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide through a mask that allows you to inhale it along with oxygen. Nitrous oxide, frequently called laughing gas, is safe and effective. It works within minutes of you breathing normally, and you may experience tingling sensations in your arms and legs or feel like they’re weighed down. The most important effect is how relaxed you’ll feel while still being able to communicate with Dr. Wilson, Dr. McCulloch, and our team. Nitrous oxide is a great option for people that need to be able to return to important duties after their appointment because the effects wear off quickly and allow you to drive safely afterward.

Sedation Infographic

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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is administered—surprise!—orally. That means we’ll prescribe a medication meant to calm your nerves that you can take about an hour before your appointment. It also means you’ll need transportation arranged to and from your appointment, because although the medication will help make your appointment go smoothly and feel over within minutes, the groggy effects may linger, and we want you to make it home safely and rest well.

In order to prescribe a sedative that will work for you, we’ll go over your medical history, including any allergies, and address any concerns you may have. Rest assured oral sedation safely helps thousands of people get the care they need in dental offices every day.

  • A medication taken by mouth before your visit
  • Will require a ride to and from your appointment
  • You will remain conscious through your treatment
  • You may feel groggy for a while afterward
  • Calm your nerves and fears to get the care you deserve

We Can Help You Face Your Dental Fears!

If you have any questions about our sedation dentistry services or would like to schedule a consultation with your Katy dentists, Dr. Wilson and Dr. McCulloch, we’d love to hear from you!

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